Hair braiding is a protective hairstyle however it can be damaging to hair and scalp if hair and scalp do not properly care for while wearing braids, or ant type of hair extension. Damage can also occur when left in too long. Never leave braids in longer than 6-8 weeks.

Single braids are small in width than box braids. The parts can be boxed, triangles, or pulling of the hair. You can use synthetic or human hair for length, fullness, curl, wave pattern, or braided bobs.

Many different techniques and hair are used to crochet hair. You can use pre-braided, dread loc’s for a more simple and quicker style. Human and synthetic hair can be used for a more natural look. This process will take longer.

Cornrows are a very unique type of braid. They are braids that are close to the scalp. You can be done in many different designs, shapes, and sizes. They are also used to protect hair underneath wigs or weaves.

Hair weaving is the sewing of human or synthetic hair weft onto cornrows which are braided in a pattern for that hairstyle. Fusion is a process of infusing human hair that contains keratin protein beads to a small section of the hair by infusing each stand individually. Micro Beading extensions are installed with a micro copper link. For this process, the links are inserted into sections of hair each section evenly weighed with the link. Then the insert the hair into the link then clapping flat down making sure it is not too tight to secure the extension. Each process is time-consuming and requires enough time to be properly installed. All extensions can be damaging to your hair if not installed properly.

A basic manicure is standard nail care. The nails will be filed, shaped, cuticles, and nails cleaned. A hand massage then polished. Hot oil manicure soaking finger’s in warm oil, luxurious for hands great moisture for nails and cuticles. Spa manicure has more included aromatic salt scrub, oil massage, and hydration mask on hands. Paraffin Wax consist of coating the hands with layers of warm liquid wax then wrapped in plastic for 2 to 3 minutes. After that a basic manicure and lotion to drive moisture deeper. This can be an addition to a basic manicure. Hot Stone Manicure the hot stones help relieve stress from hands, expelling tension while destressing and relaxing hand muscles.

Standard pedicure is the most frequently used technique soaking your feet in warm water, after scrubbing off dead skin. Next clip nails push back or remove cuticle from around nail. Massage with moisture cream then applies polish. Gel pedicure is used if you would like your polish to last longer. Gel polish will give you that effect. Once the polish is applied your feet will be placed under a UV lamp. Polish can last up to four weeks. This is an addition to the pedicure. Paraffin bath is a great service to use when you have dry cracking feet. I will apply layers of warm wax to your feet, wrap feet in plastic, cover with a sock to maintain warmth. Leave on up to five minutes then peel off. The paraffin will boost moisturize levels in your feet leaving them soft. You may also receive great therapeutic benefits. This is an addition to the standard pedicure. A pedicure with a hot stone is used as an addition to a basic pedicure your feet are wrapped in warm towels for several minutes. Then a relaxing foot massage with warm stones and aromatic oils. Could help relax leg and foot pain.

Classic facial or European facial, consist of steaming of your face, exfoliation, extraction, massage may be a mask after an application of serums and moistures. Good for a skincare routine pampering or targeting skin issues like acne reduction.