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Hair braiding is a craft a form of art. It originated in Africa 5000 years ago by the Himba people in Namibia according to Maya Allen. The different styles would symbolize ethnicity, religion, social status, marital status, age, and even the indication of a tribe. In the 1900s braid became popular around the world symbolizing beauty and uniqueness from Egypt to Greece, Europe, and the Caribbean. Braiding has been symbolized a form of art in American since 1619.
In the 1980 natural hair was making a comeback and since then it has hit the mainstream.
More women are wearing natural hair and styles embracing their inner beauty.

Welcome! My name is Jo Anne I am a Colorado Native. My family is from Wynona Mississippi. I started the craft of hair braiding as a young girl between the age of 8-9. My mother Julia and my aunt Annie Bell saw a talent they encouraged me to learn more. Later as a young woman, a great friend named Jacquelyn taught me how to utilize my talent and to be exceptional at it. I studied cosmetology at International Beauty Academy where I receive my license. Thereafter I started Jo Anne's House of Natural Beauty LLC in 2005.

I am a mobile service servicing the surrounding Colorado areas. I am located in Pueblo Colorado if you are trying to find a hair salon in Pueblo Colorado, come to Jo Anne's House Of Natural Beauty LLC. I specialize in hair braiding and hair extensions, manicures, and much more. Very experienced will leave you with a vibrate satisfaction. Having the experience and skill to assist you in having or maintaining healthy, skin and nails. It would be my honor to gain your trust. Give Jo Anne's House Of Natural Beauty LLC a call I will be waiting to hear from you.

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Many different techniques and hair are used to crochet hair. You can use pre-braided, dread loc’s for a more simple and quicker style. Human and synthetic hair can be used for a more natural look. This process will take longer.


Cornrows are a very unique type of braid. They are braids that are close to the scalp. You can be done in many different designs, shapes, and sizes. They are also used to protect hair underneath wigs or weaves.


Hair weaving is the sewing of human or synthetic hair weft onto cornrows which are braided in a pattern for that hairstyle. Fusion is a process of infusing human hair that contains keratin protein beads to a small section of the hair by infusing each stand individually. Micro Beading extensions are installed with a micro copper link. For this process, the links are inserted into sections of hair each section evenly weighed with the link. Then the insert the hair into the link then clapping flat down making sure it is not too tight to secure the extension. Each process is time-consuming and requires enough time to be properly installed. All extensions can be damaging to your hair if not installed properly.

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